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This page shows the variety of banner designs I have created. The sections are broken into design categories to show how similar concepts can be manipulated into several different designs, any one of which may appeal to different customers.

The first category is my Custom Banner design collection. These are some of the custom orders I've created for various clients either personally or for an employer. When we receive custom orders we gather as much information as we can from the client in terms of design criteria. We don't have any formal brief format at Tampa Printing so the data we get is wide-ranging. Some clients send us images, text, and color combinations. Other clients just send us text and say "you design it".  So the range of creativity varies from project to project. My favorites are the "you design it" orders. It really lets me dive into my design and offer up the best custom banner possible.

The next category is my Happy Birthday designs. These designs sold very well during the height of the Covid lockdowns. As people became more and more confined to their homes they also began searching for ways to make their family member's birthdays as special as possible. This was especially true for people's children. I have many more color combinations, but found it unnecessary to display them all here.